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Recent Media Coverage*

Check out the latest news on brain health.

As Seen on the TODAY Show 8/25/16

TODAY Show Video From 7/25/16

A major study suggests a brain fitness program that can fight the symptoms of aging. NBC special anchor Maria Shriver reports for TODAY.

Alzheimer’s Conference Research

A breakthrough study presented at the recent Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Toronto showed how speed training may lower dementia risk. Read the highlights.

As Seen on the Dr. Oz Show 9/13/16

Dr. Oz Show Video From 9/13/16

See Dr. Oz and his team learn to play BrainHQ’s Double Decision, a game that involves speed training.

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Give Adults the Edge on Brain Health

BrainHQ is an online resource, delivering life-enhancing brain fitness exercises. As one facet of a healthy lifestyle, BrainHQ is a natural bridge to your library’s collection of healthy living resources and programming.

Brain HQ boosts brain power

BrainHQ Boosts Brain Power

Adults say brain health matters, yet most people don’t know where to go for help. Make your library the gym for brain health.

Brain HQ boosts brain power

Tips for a Brain-healthy Lifestyle

Find ideas for brain-healthy nutrition, physical activity, social activity and more.

What Users are Saying


I am reading faster again. That matters to me personally because I am an aerospace engineer and I read a lot of documents. I need to be able to scan them and pull out the key information. Now that I’m using these exercises, I can do that a lot quicker and more easily.”

- Larry O.

Bellevue, NE


“During summer visits with family and friends, a typical way we relax is to play games. I was surprised when I and others noticed that my game performance (Boggle, Scrabble, and Bridge) was significantly improved. My scores were consistently higher than is typical, and appeared to be due to increased concentration and greater sustained focus.”

- Mindy L.

Richmond, VA


“. . . as I worked through the Program, I started feeling a bit younger — kind of a more youthful and venturesome attitude toward life. It’s like when you work out and can actually see results — you know when you’re developing a muscle! I really started feeling this happening, and an excitement comes along with it. It gives you a positive feeling about yourself.”

- Debby R.

Dothan, AL


I could remember a whole lot of things I couldn’t remember before. It makes me more focused and my mind doesn’t stray anymore.” Kenneth attributes his passing of the California Electrician Certification program to his brain fitness training.

- Kenneth F.

Los Angeles, CA

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Brain Stats

Every aspect of the software is linked to quantifiable results.

Read More

BrainHQ focuses on 6 core brain fitness categories important for a healthy life.

Read More

Listen to Dr. Michael Merzenich and Dr. Norman Doidge, author of "The Brain That Changes Itself," discuss the fascinating science behind brain plasticity.

Learn More

12Proven Benefits of Using BrainHQ

Every aspect of the software is linked to quantifiable results.

Faster Thinking

Speed up the brain’s processing by 135%.

Better memory

Remember more of what is heard and seen.

Getting things done

Train the parts of the brain needed to improve focus and better manage daily tasks.

TryinG New THings

Awaken curiosity and motivation to seize the day.

Finding Words

Feel sharper and more confident in conversations.

Sharper Listening

Teach the brain to hear better.

Sharper Vision

Notice more visual details, react to them and remember more.

Quicker Reactions

Improve reflex response time and ability to process information.

Safer Driving

Expand field of view, speeding up reaction time to respond to dangers.


Speed up and sharpen the brain, thereby reinforcing self-worth.

Good Mood

Produce feel-good chemicals like dopamine, resulting in more alertness and positivity.

Better Than Crosswords

Sustain cognitive function 10 years longer than crossword puzzles.

6Core Exercise Categories

BrainHQ focuses on 6 core brain fitness categories important for a healthy life.


Focus better & notice more

Brain Speed

Think & react faster


Record what you see & hear

People Skills

Sharpen your confidence


Make better decisions


Tune up your ability to find your way

Podcast: What is Brain Plasticity?

Dr. Merzeninch and Dr. Doidge

The work of renowned neuroscientist Dr. Michael Merzenich and 100+ other leading scientists is at the heart of BrainHQ.

Listen to Norman Doidge and Posit Science Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Merzenich Discuss the questions.

*We provide these links as examples of some of the press coverage received by Posit Science and BrainHQ. By their nature, press reports summarize events and often fail to present all relevant and accurate information. For more complete information on the ACTIVE Study dementia results please visit and for FAQs, please visit

BrainHQ is a registered trademark of Posit Science Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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