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Book Truck from Smith System

I absolutely am thrilled with this product because it gives my little ones, kindergarten and first grade, the opportunity to flip through the books to find what they'd like to check out. I would highly recommend it due to its sturdiness, the easy in assembling (just pop the wheels on) and the availability of the product. Thumbs up for sure!

MrsJackson - Hatton of Colbert County, AL


A great addition to our middle school library. We put a lot of consideration into buying these due to the price. However, they look even better than pictured online. Students and faculty love them.

Sandy4 - Virginia, United States



Extend the life of your favorite books

I really like Reddi-Covers. I have introduced them in three different library settings and they have been an instant hit at all three libraries.They are so easy to use and books last so much longer. It stretches my budget when I don't have to replace a book

Llwk - LES Library

Good addition to our media center

I recently ordered the rotating paper back book shelf, as we had no specific place for paperback books. They would get lost among the regular shelving and often times slip in back of the hard covers and get lost. This stand is a perfect place to display our paperback books. It fits all sizes, including the over-sized paperbacks. It is sturdy, rotates easily and looks good. Just wish I had room for another one!

Huskies - Minneapolis, MN

Very sturdy

We are very pleased with this purchase. We bought two and connected them. They are very sturdy, and were easy to assemble. We bought the whiteboard top and patrons love them.

pellapl - Pella, IA

Comes in handier than I expected!

This comes in handy for reinforcing books that are almost falling apart, and allows me to completely reattach a cover that's fallen off - and it turns out looking pretty good and functioning better than I anticipated. It's extremely helpful for helping make older books look and function like newer books -- especially when I've run out of book money for the year!

Cynthia B - Fort Worth, TX

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