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 An Explanation on Components  

AMH equipment truly frees librarians to use their expertise and knowledge fulfilling higher-order patron needs. AMH is compatible with Bar Code, EM and RFID technologies and can be designed to work in spaces of all sizes.


  • Inlets: The point of return for library materials. It is possible to configure several inlets to feed into one common sorting line, giving you flexibility to accommodate indoor and outdoor returns.
  • Front Belt: This is the intelligent component of the AMH. It reads the RFID tag or bar code and identifies the appropriate bin for sorting, then checks items back into your ILS.
  • Conveyor Belt: A section of track that keeps materials moving.
  • Turn Table: A module that nagivates materials in various directions.
  • Sorter: A section of track that actually feeds materials into their designated bin
  • Bins: Mobile carts that books drop into from the conveyor belt. Most will feature a suspension mechanism with a padded bottom, minimizing the distance the material drops.
  • Tote Stacker & Lift: These tools work in conjunction with standard library totes to minimize the amount of lifting. Totes can be used as an optional sorting bin for library systems that allow materials to be returned to any system library and offer inter-library loan programs.
  • Ergo Trolleys: Ergonomic, narrow trolley-style return increases the frequency of reshelving, and is generally used in larger installations. A mix of bins, totes and trolleys can be used within your AMH system.
  • On-Hold Printer: A stand-alone printer connected to your ILS immediately prints new labels for on-hold items as they pass through the Inlet and drop into the “on-hold bin”.
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