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 Comparison of Technologies  

Moving away from centralized circulation and staffing at main entrances may create tempting situations for "unauthorized borrowing" of your collection. Installing security gates is a visual reminder to everyone that your collection is a valuable asset.

Electromagnetic technology utilizes magnetic security strips hidden in materials. When not properly checked out, the optical sensor in the gates will alarm, giving staff a visual and/or audible alert that “unauthorized borrowing” is in progress.

RFID technology offers another level of information beyond the visual and/or audible alert. RFID integrates with the ILS system, encoding detailed information on the RFID tag. The tag is “read” by the security gate. Via the SIP2 connection, a signal is sent to your ILS. The ILS is able to connect the type and title of the “borrowed” item, which is immediately communicated to the staff workstations, as the gates alarm

Hybrid gates provide security for both EM and RFID tagged items. This is a viable alternative for libraries with large collections where it is not feasible to re-tag your entire collection.

As you determine your circulation management needs, remember that your security gates and self-check units will need to utilize the same technology.

Security  Gates Comparison Matrix
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