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Order History

Customers who created accounts on can view their order history. Use the order history to check the status of an order, to see what was ordered, to print a list for your accounts, or to identify possible problems before contacting Demco Customer Service.

Order history list

Your order history begins with a listing of all your orders with The list shows the associated reference numbers, PO numbers, number of items in the order, order and ship dates, dollar value of merchandise ordered, and order status.

If you have placed more orders than will fit on one page, use the navigation provided to move from page to page.

Order detail

Order details can be accessed through your order history. Click on the Reference No. of an order to open the order detail.

Order details provide all the information in effect at the time of the order, including your profile and preferences, order limits, contracts or certificates used, bill to and mail to addresses, and payment method.

Order detail also provides the following information:

Ordered by: The person who placed the order.

Reference No: Demco's order number used to invoice and track the order (you may click on this number to see your order detail).

Purchase Order: Your Purchase Order number, if you used a PO number when placing the order.

Items: The total number of items in the order.

Receipt Date: Date the order was placed.

Merch. Value: Total dollar amount for all items in the order.

Status: Current status of your order. Shows whether the order has been shipped, partially shipped (with more items awaiting shipment or cancellation), or invoiced.

See Shipment Detail: Click to open the order tracking page and view more detail about the order shipment.



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