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Password Help

If you have created an account on, but you have forgotten your password, don't worry, we can help.

If you filled in a reminder question when you created your account, you can be logged into the site automatically by following the instructions laid out after clicking on the "sign in assistance" dialog box. Sign in assistance can be found after clicking on the forgot password option in sign in. offers three ways for you to retrieve your password. Click on the sign in link at the top of the site. If you remember your member ID and reminder question, the site can log you in automatically (we will also send you your log in information to the email address you provided). If you cannot remember either of these items, you can submit your address information and we will attempt to match you to our records. If we find a match, you will be sent your log in information via email. If we cannot locate you by that method, a service representative will contact you within two hours (7 am to 5 PM CST) with your log in information.

If you need to submit your address information, these are the fields defined. Please provide as much information as you can to help us make the match quickly. Please try to enter the information exactly as you did when you created your account.

Prefix, First Name, Last Name, Suffix: Please provide your name, the same as when you created your account.

User ID: This is the name identifier you chose as your ID when you created your account.

Password: Even if you've forgotten, please enter your best guess. It might help us make a match more quickly.

Library, School or Organization: If you provided this information when you created your account, please enter it.

Branch: Enter a branch name if you provided it when you created your account.

Daytime Phone Number: Enter the number where we can reach you if we need additional information. This will also help us verify the match with your records.

Email Address (required): We will use this to help positively match your records and to send your password information back to you.

Mailing Address: Please enter this information to help us verify the match with your account.

Click the SUBMIT button to send the form. We'll start looking for your records and matching the information you provide to your account information to positively identify you. Your password will be emailed to you when we verify a match.



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