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Create an Account, sign in, sign out

Creating an account at makes your shopping even easier and more personal by storing your information for future use. We encourage you to set up an account when shopping, but it isn't required.

To make sure you get the full benefits of your account membership, be sure to sign in each time you enter the site.

How to Create Your Account:

To create an account at and have access to all of your order information, click on the SIGN IN/CREATE ACCOUNT tab in the top menu bar.

Creating an account allows you to move quickly through the check out process, track your orders and automatically receive your contract pricing. It also gives you access to special online promotions and events.

Quite simply, account member with is intended to ensure that your ordering experience is the easiest, fastest and most secure!

Benefits of creating an account

Take control of your destiny by becoming a member of If you haven't created an account with, take advantage of the benefits now that await you:

Store your name & address profile
Save time and typing when placing orders and help ensure fast, error free delivery. Maintain your name, address and billing information in just one place.

Store ordering & mailing preferences
Control how we contact you. Specify your standard ordering preferences and how we contact you via e-mail and traditional catalogs.

View your order history
Track your orders without remembering all those purchase order and reference numbers. Access a history of orders you've placed with Demco in the last 18 months. View the information at the summary or item detail level and track your shipment from our door to yours with automatic links to UPS and Fed Ex parcel tracking.

Review certificates and contracts
If you have open gift certificates or are a member of an organization that has special contract terms, these can be reviewed through the My Account area of the site.

Saved shopping cart
When you sign in to, your shopping cart is automatically saved as you add each new item. You will also see a warning dialog when you add your first item. This helps to remind you to sign in to save your cart contents. You can also create Shopping Lists to keep different kinds of orders separate and organized.

Request printed PO requisitions
Save time with your internal paperwork. For organizations that require a printed purchase order, simply request a printed purchase order requisition. The contents of your cart will be returned to you as a requisition via e-mail, fax or traditional mail.

Sign in

If you're a member of, we encourage you to sign in to the site each time you enter.

Similar to logging into a computer system, signing in allows you to identify yourself and access your information. Signing in gives you all the benefits of being a member, including access to your shopping cart, shopping lists, your order history, your profile and preference information.

To sign in, click the SIGN IN/CREATE ACCOUNT link at the top of any page. The small Sign In window will open. Enter your ID and Password and click the Submit button.

The Sign In window will change to verify your sign in. Click the OK button to close the window.

If you have forgotten your password, click the FORGOT MEMBER ID OR PASSWORD button (found on the sign in window).

If you haven't already set up your account online, click the Sign In/Create Account button to get started.

Don't forget to sign out when you're finished or if you need to be away from your computer for an extended time.

Sign out

If you have signed in to the site, please sign out when you have completed your visit.

Signing out ensures that no one else can access your account or order information and no one else can place orders using your account.

Signing out is an added precaution for your security and is especially important if you share a computer with anyone else.

To sign out, use the SIGN OUT link at the top of any page, or simply close your browser.

After you sign out, you might want to close the site for added security. Be sure to bookmark us or make us a favorite so you can find the site again quickly.



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