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SAVE UP TO 50%! Ends 05/31/19. Shop Now!

Put Power Anywhere With Juice

Your community relies on their mobile devices and they crave power access that won’t tether them to the wall. Most libraries and schools have only a small number of power outlets and these tend to be in inconvenient locations. The good news is that the innovative Juice Mobile Power system can help you deliver power anywhere, in any space.

Collaborative Spaces
Power Without Retrofitting

The ultra-thin, lightweight track is easily folded and packed up, giving you the flexiblity to arrange and rearrange quickly — at a fraction of the cost of a retrofit.

Learning Commons
Device-friendly Learning Spaces

Electronic devices are a critical part of 21st century education, so they need to stay charged up. Support digital learning by putting power everywhere that your students need it.

Smart, Safe Design

The built‑in safety system instantly powers down the track when a foreign object is detected. When the object is removed, the track automatically powers back up.

Just Place, Plug & Power Up


The Juice base converts AC power to safe DC power. Daisy-chain up to 3 bases to provide charging for up to 30 laptops or 60 mobile devices.

Extension Track

The power track can be placed anywhere without impacting foot traffic. Daisy-chain additional track extensions for up to 24 feet of track per base.


Pods magnetically attach to the power track to extend power from the floor to a tabletop. Mix and match pod styles for a complete charging solution.

Have Questions?

If you need help finding the right mobile power solution for your space or would like assistance with a quote, we’re here to help.


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