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 Comparison of Technologies  

The technology you select, will ultimately determine the level of process
automation you can achieve within your library.

Bar code based systems utilize optical scanners to read the bar code labels
on your collection, allowing the processing of materials via self check stations
and automated material handling (AMH) equipment. It does not offer
collection security.

Electromagnetic technology is primarily used when collection security is a
priority. A magnetic strip is hidden inside the materials. At checkout the strip is
desensitized allowing materials to safely pass through the security gates. Bar
code technology is the partner to automating material processing via self check
stations and AMH equipment.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the most robust option for truly freeing
librarians from collection processing. It is possible for patrons to independently
check out and check in materials, and for AMH equipment to sort returned items.
Library staff enter the process at the time of reshelving.

Self check equipment is available to support all technologies. A variety of styles and furnishing designs meet your space and service-model needs.

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