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Helpful Hints for Label and Bookplate Templates

Individual print drivers and printer connections can impact the ability to use templates provided.

  • Templates compatible with Microsoft Word 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 are now available for most processing labels.
  • Find your label and select your version of Word to download the template.
  • When opening the document, if you are asked if you want to fix the margins, select “Ignore.”
  • We've added label art in the background of the page to improve visibility of gridlines and template lines for Word 2007 and up. This background design should not print or show in the print preview. If the background remains in the preview you need to either remove or hide it.
    • To Remove for PC: Double click on the table to enter the Header/Footer. Click once to select the art, then right click and select Delete. Click the Escape button to leave the Header/Footer.
    • To Remove for Mac: Triple click on the edge of the table to enter the Header/Footer. Click the top edge to select the art, then select Delete. Click the Escape button to leave the Header/Footer.
    • To Hide for PC: In the navigation bar, go to File > Options > Display. Scroll through Printing Options and unselect “Print drawings created in Word” and select OK. Note: CD labels with circular text will need this option selected.
    • To Hide for Mac: In the navigation bar, go to Word > Preferences. Select Print in the second row under Output and Sharing. Uncheck the box to the left of Drawing Objects and select OK.
  • Circular text can be created with Word Art.
  • Before printing the whole pack, print a sample on a scrap piece of paper and hold it up to the light with a blank label sheet to confirm correct alignment. When printing the sample, choose to print only 1 page.
  • If asked if you still want to print, even though text falls outside the printable region of the page, select “Yes.” Sometimes adjusting tabs set within each cell will fit your text to the printable region.
  • If the data in a cell is cut off at the beginning or end of the sticker, adjust the tab settings within the cell using the ruler bar at the top of the document. You can also adjust the page margins if alignment is off.
  • Centered text will work best.
  • Know your printer’s abilities — some printers are set to a particular margin capacity and you may have to adjust the amount of text to fit. Be aware that label may be altered if you accidentally adjust the margins or use a different version or system.
  • Need more help? Call us at 800.356.1200.