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A Clear Circulation Boost

The magbox™ takes your periodicals out of hiding and puts them out where patrons can better access them. Use this patented storage solution to increase your periodical circulation and to breathe new life into your vacant shelf space.

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magbox Storage


“A huge asset is that magbox keeps magazines up-front so the public can readily find what they’re looking for. On the other hand, they also make it easy to just browse. People like to pick the boxes up and take them around to shuffle through.”

– Margaret Peebles, Gail Borden Public Library, Rakow Branch, Elgin, IL


“It’s just so wonderful when you can retrofit old shelving—in fact, we didn’t even have to do that, really. We just made slight shelf adjustments to accommodate the magbox and then we were ready to go.”

– Carole Medal, Gail Borden Public Library, Elgin, IL

Product Benefits

Circulation Upswing

  • Periodicals out front and center increases circulation of back issues
  • Increased periodical circulation helps you improve total library circulation
  • Innovative design makes it easy for patrons to browse and return materials to their proper place, reducing demand on staff

Attractive Storage

  • Durable 3/16" thick acrylic box holds up to two years of back issues
  • Separate front pocket showcases the current issue
  • Thumbholes for easy transport
  • Sturdy, transparent construction protects periodicals from damage while eliminating need for magazine covers
  • Polished edges, rounded corners
  • Anti-slip rubber feet
  • Four convenient sizes to fit all periodicals
  • Dividers included for additional support

Cost-effective Space Renovation

  • Easy, budget-friendly way to repurpose existing shelving
  • No installation or costly remodel required
  • Fits well into any library environment, from traditional to modern

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