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Making involves stuff. Get (and stay) organized so makers can easily find what’s available.

Makerspace Organization

A Place for Everything, and Everything in Its Place

Using simple organization strategies will keep your makerspace humming with ideas and productivity.

3 Tips for Your Planning

  1. Consider zoning your space to avoid areas becoming crowded and cluttered.
  2. Keep things moving with mobile carts and storage that can be moved in/out of closets.
  3. Use color coding techniques for quick visual enhancements.

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Ideas & Inspiration

4 Keys to Organizing Your Makerspace

Makerspaces can get messy! Get tips for keeping materials in order and easy to find, ideas for handling works in progress and more.

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Space Planning

Create Engaging & Inspiring Environments

Our interior services experts can help you create a space that will serve your maker community well for years to come.

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