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Welcome International Customer!

Making Differently Makes a Difference

Demco is committed to serving the global library and education community in sustainable, eco-friendly ways that aim to protect our shared future.

Like you, we care about reducing, recycling, and preventing waste, minimizing ecological contamination, and maximizing efficiencies to save energy. To achieve these important goals, we incorporate environmentally friendly business practices throughout our organization.

We choose local suppliers whenever possible and prioritize those who invest in sustainability. Much of what we offer meets the criteria for Greenguard, LEED, and ANSI/BIFMA certification, and we participate in programs like PrintReleaf to offset our paper consumption through reforestation. Plus, our manufacturing plant in DeForest, Wisconsin, uses green practices from start to finish.

How do we do it?

  • No excess packaging
    We create right-sized boxes on demand to minimize empty space and the number of parcels per shipment.
  • Recycled fill
    We use shredded scrap cardboard in place of airbags, protecting the product, reducing waste, and keeping costs low.
  • Energy saving
    We use LED lighting throughout the building and have implemented sensors on our conveyer belts so they run only when in use.
  • Solvent-free inks
    We lead the market in use of plant-based flexo inks. Our process-free plates can be cleaned with soap and water.
  • Recycled paper
    We purchase pallets of recycled paper and recycle our white paper waste when we’re through.