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Wonderosity™ KitsWonderosity™ Kits

Make a great impact with your programming using Wonderosity Kits!

Are you looking to build excitement and reach a wider audience but don’t have enough time to prepare? Wonderosity Kits offer a new approach to youth programming that’s easy to implement and will keep kids engaged and eager to come back for more.

What Are Wonderosity Kits?
Wonderosity Kits are individually themed, bundled program plans that can easily be integrated into your current programming or used on their own. The four programs within each kit can be offered independently, done over multiple sessions, or combined to create a series of mini-camps — whatever works best for your learning environment.

The inquiry-based activities in each kit are designed to:
  • Require minimal planning time
  • Foster curiosity in kids 8–12 years old
  • Incorporate reading, creative arts, technology, and physical activity
  • Develop 21st century skills, like creative thinking, problem solving, and collaboration
Cassie AndersonCassie Anderson

See Why This Librarian Recommends Wonderosity Kits!

”They LOVED it and thought it was super cool!”
  – Cassie Anderson, Youth Services and Technology Coordinator

Four Engaging Themes!

Avatar Academy

Participants will imagine themselves as avatars and design costumes, create lighted badges, and more.

Spy School

Participants will discover what it takes to be a spy, including learning secret codes and creating cool gadgets.

Story Makers

Participants will learn about myths and legends, as well as stories surrounding cryptozoology and nautical folklore.


What's Included in Each Kit?

  • A program guide with 4 program plans, including ideas to extend learning
  • 25 kids’ activity books
  • 12 marketing posters
  • 25 completion certificates
  • 200 stickers
  • Access to downloadable support materials

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