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Brackitz Gears, Sprockets & Chains Kit

Brackitz Gears, Sprockets, & Chains
Item #: WL13773870



Requires Structures Base Kit for building.

Product Details

    Brackitz building pieces connect at any point and any angle, enabling students to design 3D structures, simple machines, animals, buildings and more. As they build, kids are immersed in design thinking, creativity, and the foundations of math, science, architecture and engineering. They’ll be developing their spatial reasoning skills along the way, boosting STEAM achievement.
    Access a growing collection of easy-to-customize, project-based lesson plans, student resources and video tutorials online. Lessons include easy setup instructions, clear learning objectives, standards alignments (NGSS, ECERS-R), ideas for differentiating instruction and more.
    Gears, Sprockets & Chains Kit: Gears and chains (like the ones in bicycles) are simple machines. When students learn to design and build with gears, they gain hands-on understanding of the principles of motion. Requires Structures Base Kit for building. Includes 503 building pieces in a sturdy, lightweight bin. For grades Pre-K through 8.

    • 20 axle splines, 12 cm
    • 20 axle splines, 18 cm
    • 6 cranks
    • 30 lock washers, 3-way hubs
    • 70 lock washers, 4-way hubs
    • 330 chain links
    • 9 small gears
    • 9 medium gears
    • 9 large gears



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