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Shipping Services for Truck Deliveries

Standard Delivery: Starting at $60

Orders shipped by truck are delivered either to the end of the truck (tailgate delivery) or onto your elevated loading dock. The driver will move your shipment to the end of the truck trailer, where you will be responsible for moving the shipment from the tailgate into the building.

If you would like help moving your shipment beyond the tailgate, the services below are offered at an additional charge. Please request any additional services when placing your order.

Liftgate Delivery: $70

A liftgate may be necessary if an elevated loading dock is not available. The driver will be using a truck that has a lift, which will lower the shipment to ground level. From there, you will be responsible for moving the shipment into the building.

Inside Delivery: $40

The driver will help you move your shipment from the truck through the first door of the building, where it will be out of inclement weather.

Call Before Delivery: $10

The trucking company will call you ahead of your delivery to schedule a convenient arrival time, allowing you to plan to have the appropriate staff or storage space available.



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