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School Cafeteria Reimagined as Learning Spaces

With space needs at an all-time high in schools, common spaces such as cafeterias may need to be restructured to support additional learning spaces. Demco’s interior design team has created a virtual model of a redesigned cafeteria to help you envision how to maximize the use of your common spaces.

This design utilizes the collaborative work surfaces that already exist by removing seating options and spacing seating out to accommodate 6 feet of distance between students. Round, flexible table systems with one seat per table can be brought together to accommodate small-group interaction at a safe distance. The flexibility of the table system ensures that it can be used in the future to accommodate additional students.

Mobile storage solutions help create zones within the larger cafeteria space and serve double duty as storage for individual student supplies. Their whiteboard feature provides a space for instruction and collaboration.

Throughout the space, mobile student desks and seating allow for easy readjustment to meet your district’s social distancing guidelines.

Mobile screens throughout the space offer a flexible way to partition existing seating options into individual workspaces, divide classrooms, and serve as a barrier between students who wish to collaborate.

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