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Classrooms Designed for Social Distancing

As schools prepare to offer a mixture of in-person, hybrid, and virtual learning models, their spaces will need to be more agile than ever. Demco’s interior design team has created these virtual classrooms to help you envision ways to arrange your learning spaces to observe social distancing guidelines.

Classroom 1
We’ve designed this classroom layout to support a reduced-class-size model of 12 students. Small groups of individual desks are arranged to accommodate 6-foot-distancing guidelines. Mobile storage keeps desks separated and features individual bins for student supplies. Portable desk barriers act as health shields for students while still allowing visual access throughout the room and collaboration between small groups. A mobile sink and freestanding hand sanitizer station give students convenient opportunities to disinfect their hands.

Classroom 2
This classroom also supports 12 students and follows CDC guidelines to have all desks facing the same direction. A variety of easy-to-clean seating offers students choices and gives them comfortable options. The mobile teacher workspace and student workspaces offer the ability to reconfigure the space for a more collaborative approach. Each student workspace includes a foldable desk barrier that weighs only 1 pound, is easy to clean, and is easily transported when needed. A mobile sink and freestanding hand sanitizer station gives students convenient opportunities to disinfect their hands.

Classroom 3
We’ve arranged the desks in this classroom from front-facing to a more collaborative approach, while still accommodating 6-foot distancing guidelines. Being mobile, they're also easy to rearrange as guidelines evolve. Personal desk barriers provide an added level of protection against airborne particles and still allow students to collaborate and see their surroundings clearly.

Classroom 4
Flexibility and collaboration are key in the classroom. Mobile dividers arranged around the perimeter of the room make it possible for students to pair off to work on projects or assignments while the rest of the group is receiving instruction or working individually. A variety of easy-to-clean seating and work surfaces give students options of how to work.

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