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Interactive and Engaging Children's Area

This vibrant children's area (1,368-sq.-ft.) invites young adventurers to explore through reading, interactive play, imagination stations, group activities and more. The shelving helps to create smaller zones and nooks throughout the space, while some of the furniture acts as a nook itself. There are mobile tables for reading and activities along with active seating stools. Lounge seating throughout the area gives both children and adults a place to hang out and relax.

Shop the Products in This Space

  1. Sale
    Crescent Table Shown. Tables fold and nest for space saving storage (Each Table Sold Separately)
    Muzo Kite® Mini Mobile Flip Table
    $683.99 - $809.99
  2. Sale
    ColorScape® Wood Shelving - Double-faced
  3. Sale
    Shown in Spectrum Red/Water
    Demco® ColorScape® Playpod House
    Special Price $2,753.99 Regular Price $3,059.99
  4. Sale
    Vibrant Green/Orange Grove/Amarena/Magenta
    Demco® ColorScape® Circular Playpod
    Special Price $3,410.99 Regular Price $3,789.99
  5. Sale
    Demco® ColorScape® Book Browsers
    $1,457.99 - $1,664.99
  6. Round and Flower Browser Boxes. Each Sold Separately
    ColorScape® Browser Boxes
    $649.99 - $1,149.99
  7. Sale
    Demco® ColorScape® 2-Tier w/Pull-out Drawer Book Browsers
    Demco® ColorScape® 2-Tier w/Pull-out Drawer Book Browsers
    Special Price $3,266.99 Regular Price $3,629.99
  8. Palmer Hamilton Daisy Seating
    Palmer Hamilton Daisy Seating
    $5,149.99 - $5,249.99
  9. Fruit Tree
    HABA® Nighttime Meadow Wall Designs
    $80.99 - $1,699.99