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Flexible Science Lab

This science lab has everything you need for ideation, investigation, and creation.

Built-in storage plus an abundance of mobile storage keeps materials for each class organized, and students can quickly ideate on whiteboard surfaces covering the wall and the backs of storage pieces.

Nesting tables and stackable chairs allow students to quickly move from seated work at tables to active lessons that require open floor space. And a comfortable rug area with floor seating invites learners to collaborate from a different perspective.

On the opposite side of the room, a unique mobile Gear Guard™ Table with built-in drawers provides the perfect surface to experiment with robotics or engineering, while keeping all the parts and pieces where they need to be.

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  1. New
    Zipit Dot Modular Seating
    Zipit Dot Modular Seating
    $169.99 - $189.99
  2. 15 Totes- Shown with Open Front
    Smith System® Cascade® Mega-Cases
    $642.99 - $1,339.99
  3. Sale
    Smith System® Flavors® Stack Chairs
  4. With 3, 3" & 1, 6" Totes & Riser
    Smith System® Cascade® Mini-Case
    $394.99 - $859.99
  5. Carpets for Kids® Peaceful Spaces
    Carpets for Kids® Peaceful Spaces
    $149.99 - $396.99
  6. New
    Haskell Mobile Podium Desk
    Haskell Mobile Podium Desk
    $1,969.99 - $1,999.99
  7. Smith System® Theorem® Chairs
    Smith System® Theorem® Chairs
    $139.99 - $299.99
  8. New
    Zipit Saddle Modular Seating
    Zipit Saddle Modular Seating
    $259.99 - $299.99