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Collaborative Lounge

Multipurpose community rooms need to adapt quickly to support the varied needs of a diverse population. Demco's interior design team has reimagined the same 814-sq.-ft. space in four different ways to show four different multifunctional environments.

This informal small group meeting space features a variety of mobile furniture that can be easily reconfigured, making it a flexible extension of your larger spaces. Mobile privacy screens help to define smaller areas within the room. Mobile power and splashes of color create a versatile and vibrant place for users to work or socialize.

Shop the Products in This Space

  1. JSI™ Moto Inline Chairs
    JSI™ Moto Inline Chairs
    $1,039.99 - $1,509.99
  2. JSI™ Totem Pods
    JSI™ Totem Pods
    $469.99 - $649.99
  3. Shown with 3 Rectangle Bench w/ 1 Semi-circle End, 1 Round End and 1 Round Bench
    Palmieri Molecule Seating
    $639.99 - $1,649.99
  4. Panel Tables in Designer White
    JSI™ Reef Tables
    $649.99 - $1,739.99