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Public Library Designed for Social Distancing

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, libraries are looking to adapt their facilities to keep their staff and patrons safe.

Demco’s interior design team has created these virtual spaces to help you envision ways to arrange your furnishings and create spaces that are welcoming to patrons while allowing space for social distancing.

Key features include preventing the spread of germs by providing opportunities throughout the library for hand washing and disinfecting. Touchless self-checkout stations cut down on the number of touchpoints between patrons and staff.

Signage and directional floor decals help library staff control the flow of traffic throughout, and acrylic barriers help safeguard staff and patron interactions, as well as separate patron work and reading areas.

Strategically arranged furnishings allow clear pathways for browsing and provide private spaces for relaxing and working. The perimeters are fully utilized with work surfaces that face away from the aisles and provide access to power for computers. Pull-up work surfaces and portable charging stations also allow laptop users to find comfortable areas of the library to work.

The children’s area creates an inviting atmosphere yet provides smaller, individual play areas for children. The low shelving gives parents ample sight lines to their children, but also helps create separate areas for young patrons to read or work.

Shop the Products in This Space

  1. Sale
    Smith System® Flavors® Stack Chairs
  2. Round and Flower Browser Boxes. Each Sold Separately
    ColorScape® Browser Boxes
    $649.99 - $1,149.99
  3. Sale
    ColorScape® Wood Shelving - Single-faced
  4. 2-Tier, 8 Pockets with glides, shown in Maple/White
    Demco® Tower Feature Displays
    $1,649.99 - $2,079.99
  5. Sale
    Crescent Table Shown. Tables fold and nest for space saving storage (Each Table Sold Separately)
    Muzo Kite® Mini Mobile Flip Table
    $683.99 - $809.99
  6. Sale
    Shown With 4 Rectangle Tables and 1 Kite Table.
    Muzo Kite® 750 Series Mobile Table
    $728.99 - $926.99
  7. mediatechnologies® Cheesewall Divider
    mediatechnologies® Cheesewall Divider
    $1,699.99 - $1,799.99
  8. Wesco Floor Recliner
    Wesco Floor Recliner
    $64.99 - $119.99
  9. Panel Tables in Designer White
    JSI™ Reef Tables
    $649.99 - $1,739.99
  10. Shown with Colored Seat Style
    Muzo Mix® Chairs
    $99.99 - $289.99
  11. Shown with Colored Seat Style
    Muzo Mix® Stools
    $149.99 - $239.99
  12. Shown in Slate
    Joy Carpets Feeling Natural™
    $179.99 - $859.99
    Sitting–Height Desk
    Open Storage Cabinet
    90° Corner Cabinet
    Book Return Units for Demco® Mobile Modular Circulation Desk
  17. HPFI® Eve Oasis Lounge Seating
    HPFI® Eve Oasis Lounge Seating
    $1,599.99 - $1,999.99
  18. New
    Demco Health Shields
    $139.99 - $219.99
  19. New
    Acrylic Protection Guards
    Acrylic Protection Guards
    $99.99 - $199.99