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Zoned Elementary LibraryZoned Elementary Library
Zoned Elementary LibraryZoned Elementary Library
Zoned Elementary LibraryZoned Elementary Library

Zoned Elementary Library

This modern elementary library includes five zones that create a welcoming, flexible space. Furnishings are mobile in order to make it easy to reorganize the spaces when needed for a variety of learning needs. The five zones include the following:

Classroom Zone: This flexible learning space features multiple seating height options, which enables the space to accommodate different age groups. Mobile desks can be quickly reconfigured for individual, small-group, or whole-class instruction, and a glass markerboard invites interactive learning.

Cloud Zone: This space appeals to younger students and features fun furniture shapes and interactive elements. A Colorscape Playpod separates the space and provides a reading nook for students. It leads into the carpet area, which offers an inviting spot for storytimes and instruction that includes a variety of seating options and low-level work surfaces. Face-out shelving highlights the collection and attracts young readers.

Cave Zone: Students find a relaxing atmosphere in the low-lit cave room. Monotone colors, tiered seating, and bean bags make this a calm respite during the school day.

Living Room Zone: This area features lounge seating and benches arranged in a circular pattern for socializing, relaxing, and informal collaboration.

River Zone: Curved bench seating backed by curved shelving form a natural path from one zone to another and invite students to browse, read, and work in a comfortable space.  

Market Zone: This space features light-colored mobile shelving that highlights the collection and provides browsing opportunities to promote reading.  

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