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Ages 5–8 Youth

Schools and libraries play an important role in bringing the joy of reading and learning to kids. The early years are a time of excitement and exploration, and elementary school is a time of transition and growth. Environments that make kids feel safe and secure enable them to open their minds for learning, building confidence, and becoming independent.


Help Kids Grow into Lifelong Readers and Learners

Providing elementary school children with a space that supports collaboration, learning, and socializing is helpful during this time of transition and growth.

10 Tips for a Successful Youth Space

  1. Learning and education comes in many shapes and sizes. At this age, activity is a large part of healthy development.
  2. Include a space where kids can create and act out performances. This could be as simple as an open corner for reader's theater.
  3. Balance "formal" spaces for collaboration and learning with casual spaces for socializing and developing friendships.
  4. Fostering a love of reading is critical at this age. Organize and label your materials in a way that helps kids make on-target selections.
  5. Incorporate face-out displays and storage systems that will enhance the visibility and accessibility of the collection.
  6. Create a collaborative computing area allowing kids to work independently or with others. Some libraries have transitioned to bench seating.
  7. Include a variety of technology including tablets, iPods™, interactive whiteboards, cameras, access to online resources, apps, and more.
  8. Providing games (online and board) is a great way to support learning and opens the doors for kids to engage with one another.
  9. Make your space comfortable by including a variety of seating and tables that are sized appropriately (14" seats paired with 22" - 25"H tabletops).
  10. Approachable and welcoming service that encourages kids to ask for help and resources.

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